"now that's one tasty beat!"

"The Culinary DJ", a brief history of the creative pursuit of success.

For the past 12 years, there has been one constant in every endevor I have chosen to pursuit and that is, making people happy for a living.  It started with catering in 1999 and that sorta planted a seed I suppose.  Bartending professionally, massage therapy, DJing, freelance lighting design, and finally cooking all followed in the wake of catching the "happy bug".  It has taken me to 3 states, 5 cities, and hundreads of happy clients along the way.  

 I have come full circle back to Texas and am permenently based here in beautiful Austin.   Cooking and DJing have become a major passion and one night, during a set I became painfully hungry.  And then, eureka.....the lightbulb went off and I decided to bring my catering things with me and cook while I DJ.  The timing patterns for both artforms were the same and it became a harmonious blend of my two favorite things.

 I love to travel and have actually flown to some events in the past so there really is no place I won't go.  All of my resources are mobile or can be rented locally and can custom tailor my service to your specific needs.  

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